Etobicoke Movers

If you like being close to the hustle and bustle of the city but still enjoy taking a quiet stroll in the park with your dog, Etobicoke might just be the place for you. Picture a life where you can keep your city job (without a crazy commute) and live minutes away from the beach.

The name of the city of Etobicoke is phonetically based on the Obijiwa word “Wadopika,” which means “there are alder trees.” The K is silent, so Etobicoke is pronounced eh-tow-bee-ko. You will want to get this right to fit in with the locals.

Etobicoke is popular with families because of the great schools, but it’s close enough to the city to not be considered ‘the burbs.’ Shop at Sherway Gardens and play at Centennial Park. If you like to travel, you are minutes away from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

It’s no surprise that Etobicoke is a popular choice for people that love the city but also love peace and quiet. If you are making a move to Etobicoke, we are sure you will be happy with your choice. We love Etobicoke too. At Torex, we have been helping people move in and around Etobicoke since 1998.

Moving can be overwhelming. You need to pack everything you own into boxes and then into a truck only to reverse the process when you get to your new home. We would like to help. We know moving can be stressful, but our trained staff can reduce your moving stress.

Some worry they can’t afford to hire a professional Etobicoke Movers. Others have heard moving company horror stories and want to save themselves from being ripped off. Don’t let the actions of unscrupulous Etobicoke moving companies stop you from getting the help you need for your next move.

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The first thing you should do when choosing an Etobicoke moving company is research. Find out which Etobicoke Movers are familiar with the area. How long have they been in business? What is their reputation in the community? Contact a few moving companies to get quotes. Take note of the staff while you get the quote. Are they friendly? Do you get the impression they genuinely want to help you with your move?

Once you have a few quotes, you can see if a company is overpriced or suspiciously underpriced. You will also have the first impression of what working with the Etobicoke moving company will be like. Remember, you are entrusting these movers with all of your precious belongings. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable with that.


Torex has been moving in and around Etobicoke for the past 13 years. We know the area and can promise to get your items safely relocated to your new home. You don’t have to take our word alone, we have thousands of satisfied customers and our reviews support this fact. Check out all the advantages that come when you hire Torex Moving:

Licensed and Insured Movers
Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture (if necessary)
Professional Packing/Unpacking Services
Real-Time GPS Tracking
Well-Maintained Fleet of Trucks and Trailers
Stairwells and Floors are Protected
Free Estimates
Dollies, Jacks, Moving Blankets All Provided
A Team of Relocation Specialists At Your Service

Our goal at Torex has always been to make moving a stress-free experience for our customers. We want you to start enjoying your new home as quickly as possible and will do whatever it takes to make this happen. Some are pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable moving can be with Torex. We provide our services on time and on budget.

Torex knows the concept of all of your items being packed up and driven away in a truck is stressful. To alleviate this stress, we are happy to offer our customers a GPS tracking link. With this link, you can track your belongings in real-time as they head toward your new home. Currently, we are the only moving company in Etobicoke and the whole GTA to offer this feature with every move.

Getting a Moving Quote is simple. It's fast & easy!


  • Piano Moves
    This process needs to be accomplished by trained specialists. An untrained mover can damage a piano. Torex has been moving pianos for over 10 years. Torex’ Etobicoke movers receive extensive training before they are allowed to move a piano. Special packing material is used. These include:

    • Specialized Straps Designed to Secure the Piano During Transport
    • Piano Dollies and Jacks
    • Protective Floor Runners
    • Stairwell and Wall Protection
  • Pool Table Relocation
    Pool tables need to be disassembled before transport. Each item needs to be carefully wrapped and secured. Breakage of some components can render a pool or billiards table useless. Torex has the specialists and equipment necessary to safely move your pool or billiards table.
  • Additional Insurance
    We provide basic insurance for every move. If you have specialty items such as a piano or pool table or expensive items such as antiques or artwork, you may want to purchase additional insurance for these items. Please contact our friendly office staff to get a free insurance quote.
  • Single Item Moving
    Some Etobicoke moving companies have a minimum requirement before they show up for a move. At Torex, we understand that sometimes you just need a few items moved. Perhaps you need something taken out or put into storage, or maybe you just need an extra set of hands to move furniture around the house. We can help. If the entire moving process takes 1.5 hours or less and is under 20 km, we can do it for $100. Our movers’ work and the truck are included in the price.
  • Flat-Rate or Hourly Moves Available
    Estimates can be provided for hourly moves based on the distance of your move and an approximation of how much stuff you will be moving. A final bill will include any extra time spent in traffic or possibly disassembling and reassembling unexpected items for transport. Flat-Rate quotes are fixed-priced moves. You know exactly how much your move will cost with no surprise charges.
  • Portable Storage Containers
    We can provide you with a mobile storage container. You can pack the trailer yourself or hire our packing specialists to help. The trailer can be stored in our safe compound or at the location of your choice. We have no minimum storage requirement. As a bonus, we offer a free month of storage for every contract of a year or longer.
  • Packing Supplies
    We can provide professional-grade packing materials for your next Etobicoke move. Specialty boxes such as dish boxes and wardrobe boxes are available. Plastic bin rental offers an environmentally-conscious option.
  • Long Distance Movers
    Torex can move a single item or an entire home across the city of Toronto or across the country. We are even licensed to move internationally. Our real-time GPS tracking feature gives customers peace of mind as they can watch their belongings as they travel to your new home.
  • Garbage Removal
    Moving is an excellent time to simplify. We can take broken furniture or appliances to the appropriate landfill. For items in good condition, we can drop these off at the charity of your choice.
  • Professional Cleaning Services
    Having your home professionally cleaned can assist in the return of a security deposit. Ensure your new home is freshly cleaned and sanitized so you can safely settle into your new life in Etobicoke.
  • Commercial Moves
    This type of move needs a comprehensive moving plan. Our goal is to get your enterprise back up and running as quickly as possible. Whether you need to move your small boutique medical office or a large-scale warehouse, we have commercial moving solutions. We have successfully mastered the art of commercial moving, ensuring your move is on time and on budget.
  • Appliance Moving
    If not moved properly, appliances can be damaged, resulting in an expensive repair. Torex’ Etobicoke movers are trained in the delicate process of appliance relocation. We will use the white-glove service to move your appliance. We can also offer appliance storage and broken appliance removal if needed.


No two moves are identical. We try to be prepared for every possible moving scenario but if you have a moving dilemma, give us a call. Our friendly staff will do their best to help you. Whether it is a 3-month gap from moving out of your old home into your new one or a long-distance move, we promise to try our best to give you options.

Let us know about any specialty items included in your move, as well as the addresses for your old and new home. We can help estimate the size of your move and can offer moving choices for any budget. Saving money can be as simple as booking your move early. We offer a discount for every move booked more than a month ahead. Torex also offers discounts to these groups:

First Responders
Low-Income Individuals/Families on Social Assistance or ODSP
Delivery Drivers - Uber Eats, Door Dash, Skip the Dishes and Instacart
Royal Canadian Navy
Single Parents
Law Enforcement
Social Workers
Military Veterans
Retail and Grocery Sales Personnel
Flight Attendants
Large Families With 3 or More Children
First Time Customers