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Are you moving to Kitchener? A wonderful decision! You will love this city and the entire Waterloo region for its beautiful nature, friendly neighbors, entertainment, employment opportunities, and affectionate atmosphere.

Don’t let the complexity of the moving process upstage the benefits accompanying the move. By choosing the right Kitchener moving company, you can start enjoying the city even faster.  

Why Moving to Kitchener, ON Is A Great Decision

You already know that moving to Kitchener-Waterloo is a great choice. Here are a few more reasons to cement your decision.

Excellent Location

Located in Southwestern Ontario, the Waterloo region consists of three cities: Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo. Kitchener is located between the other two, with Waterloo being its twin.

Kitchener is only around 100 km away from Toronto, which is around a one-hour drive. Convenient public transportation options make it possible to reach Toronto by bus or train. The ride can take around two hours.

If you are moving from the USA, have friends there, or just want to go sightseeing on weekends, Kitchener is a perfect place to live. The city is only a 3-hour drive away from Detroit. It’s also 1.5 hours away from Niagara Falls.

This wonderful location makes it easy to find something to do on your days off. You can choose between loud and lively large cities and the beautiful wilderness of the surrounding nature. Everything is just a short drive away.

In fact, this city is so close to major Canadian and US cities that moving companies in Kitchener easily handle long-distance and cross-border moves.

Wonderful Climate

If you like clear-cut seasons, Kitchener is a great place to be. It’s cold in the winter and warm in the summer. This means you get to go skiing in the winter and swimming during the summer. You get the best of all seasons without the rain and freezing cold that many cities in Canada are famous for.

In fact, the warm season in Kitchener-Waterloo lasts for almost four months. All this time, you can enjoy hiking, swimming, sunbathing, and many other summer activities. The perfect climate makes it easy to invite guests from other provinces, who are tired of ice, snow, rain, and wind.

Amazing Nature

While beautiful nature isn’t a rarity in Canada, people who move to Kitchener are truly amazed by the options. The natural landscape is so beautiful, it’s hard to trade weekend outings for the busy city life.

One of the top spots in Kitchener is Victoria Park. You can enjoy a picnic there during the warm months and take a stroll when the winter comes. Victoria Park is the oldest parks in Kitchener, but it’s hardly the only one.

You may be surprised to learn that this beautiful city has more than 100 parks with 125 km of trails! Finding the best one can be a challenge. They are all beautiful, green, and truly relaxing.

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Education in Kitchener, Ontario

If you have children, it will be easy to find a spot in elementary schools that teach English and French. The city has excellent high school education and a variety of extracurricular activities for children of any age.

In case you are looking for higher education opportunities, you can discover the benefits of the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. The city also has several private colleges. The largest one, Conestoga College, offers hundreds of career-focused education opportunities.

Getting a Job in Kitchener, Ontario

If you are looking for a job in the IT sector, you are coming to the right place. Kitchener is an IT hub and one of the fastest-growing tech sectors in Canada. In fact, Google’s largest research and development office in Canada is located in downtown Kitchener.

Besides opportunities for tech wizards, Kitchener has many options for chefs, economists, doctors, teachers, and other professionals.

Moving To Kitchener

Moving to Kitchener doesn’t have to be complicated. This wonderful city opens its doors to people from all over the world. If you are planning a move to the Waterloo region, consider hiring local movers.

An experienced moving company in Kitchener can simplify your move and help you get settled in the city quickly and easily.