One Torex™ Mover And a Truck


Do you have a small moving job? Perhaps you need to get your stuff (less than 55 pounds) out of storage. Or you need a professional set of hands and an appropriate vehicle to move furniture around the house. All you really need is one Torex™ mover and a truck. Is this too small of a job for a commercial moving company?

Not at all. Big or small, moves will go smoothly with trained, reliable, professional movers that you can trust. We can help. At Torex™ Moving, our well-qualified movers treat every move as being their highest priority. They can ensure a stress-free move so you can focus on getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

With a small move, some might think they should just do it themselves or ask non-professionals to complete the task. Be careful with this thinking. Hiring insured commercial movers comes with advantages you may not have considered. Here are just a few services we can offer at Torex™:

Packing Services
Fully Licenced and Insured
Safe Appliance Transportation
Garbage Removal Service
Storage Facilities
Cleaning Service
Packing Supplies
Offices Based Throughout the GTA

Save yourself (or your friends) the aches and pains that come with even the smallest of moves. Our team is trained in the best moving standards and practices and can ensure a safe, quick move at a reasonable cost.

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There may be some anticipated stress about moving out of the GTA, so let us help you put that stress away. We can ensure your long-distance move is stress-free. Our experienced movers can guarantee your items will be moved safely, securely, and affordably.

Is there a special family heirloom that needs to make the move from Toronto to the West Coast? We can ensure your prized possession gets to its destination safely and on time. At Torex™, we don’t place value depending on the size of the move. Every move we make is treated as our highest priority.

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Customers Are Talking

Thank you very much, your guys are the best, everything was done very quickly and professionally, I will definitely be contacting you again! Thank you.
20:08 01 Oct 22
Stellar Job!!! I moved 6 times with my work and this was the first time that not a single item was scratched, broken or damaged. The quality and professionalism is second to none. Keep it going Guys!
Michael Ozimko
Michael Ozimko
16:25 23 Sep 22
We were stuck with a 800 lb fridge that needed to be moved from our dining room to our kitchen (about 20 feet). Torex responded to a late phone call on Thursday and had their crew out the next day. They had the equipment to make this look easy. Thanks so much.
Anna Care
Anna Care
21:38 12 Aug 22
Many thanks to the guys for the quality work! I moved many times in my life, but this was the first time I really enjoyed the process. Everything is fast, clear, without fuss. Packed, loaded, delivered and unloaded to a new apartment. It turned out even cheaper than I originally expected.
Kaden Ellington
Kaden Ellington
18:39 16 Jul 22
I used Torex Toronto moving company for my relocation from Mississauga to North York. Everything went smoothly, movers were responsive, all my stuff was packed and delivered without any problems. Price was also very reasonable, and I got a discount. Strongly recommended!
Dmitriy Dm
Dmitriy Dm
11:46 11 Jul 22
Thank you very much for the quality and fast implementation of the move! It was a pleasure to deal with true professionals! I will recommend you to friends!
Avis Porter
Avis Porter
19:36 05 Jul 22


The reputation we have built moving in Toronto and the GTA in the last 10+ years is unparalleled. You don’t have to take our word for it; just check out our customer reviews. You will see that Torex’s™ high rate of customer satisfaction is because we make your move our focus giving you peace of mind.
These are some of the advantages you will receive when you hire one mover and a truck with Torex™:

Fully Licensed and Insured Staff
Professional and Friendly Relocation Experts
Trained Packing and Assembly Specialists
Delivery to Door or Deliver to Storage Available
Professionally Maintained Fleet of Vehicles
Offices Located Throughout the GTA for Local or Long-Distance Moves

Submit the form or call us for a free quote on your next small move. You will be thankful you entrusted your move to Toronto’s best moving company. We can alleviate your stress so you can focus on the adventures ahead.