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If you need to move one or several items, your destination is 20 km or less, and the entire move takes 1.5 hours or less, we can do it for very affordable price. Our movers’ work and the truck are included in the price.
At Torex, we focus on our clients’ needs. When you need to move a single item, you can contact us at any convenient time. Our team of experienced movers can help you to relocate anything.
Torex makes sure its customers get top-notch service at a reasonable price. Single item moves are our specialty. Our experienced single item movers are always ready to help commercial and residential clients in Toronto, GTA, and beyond.

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If you need to move one or several items (furniture, appliance, etc.), you simply call Torex and book the time for your single item move. Our experts will ask you several questions about the item you want to move and its destination in order to provide you with an estimate.
Even if you have to move an item at the last minute, don’t worry about it. We try hard to accommodate all our clients’ needs. We have enough professional movers and trucks to work with many customers. All you have to do is mention the preferred day for moving your belongings.


Whether you are moving items from a house, condo, warehouse, store, apartment, or any other place, as a local moving company, we are ready to help. Our large team and extensive moving experience allow us to cater to multiple clients’ needs regardless of their location. Our goal is to make your single item move safe, convenient, and stress-free.

Toronto Single Item Movers - Torex

We offer a free basic insurance, which is included in the price of your move.
If you plan to move a highly valuable item, it’s possible to purchase extra insurance. To learn more about extra insurance and get an estimate, you can contact one of our experts at any convenient time for you.
We make sure that your move proceeds smoothly and safely. In case something unexpected happens, you can be fully protected by insurance.


Our professional single item movers has all the necessary materials to make sure the item arrives to your new place safely.
We pack each item carefully and move it to the truck by using special equipment. When you get to the destination , we can also unpack the item for you.
The packing service is optional. If you need packing, we don’t charge you for the labour. You just pay for the packing materials.

Single Item Moving


For your single item move from Toronto, GTA, and other areas, we have a full set of equipment, including:

  • Many different types of dollies
  • Floor protectors
  • Professional straps for the safe placement in the truck .
  • Professional tools for disassembly and assembly

Our trucks are specifically equipped to carry fragile and heavy items regardless of their size or quantity. No matter how small or large your items are, we have the professional and experienced team with equipment to help you move them.

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Customers Are Talking

I used a moving service for the first time and I'm happy I chose Torex Moving. They were really nice to me when I called with questions and helped me a lot during the whole process. On moving day, they were on time and finished quickly, which made it cheaper. They were careful with my things and did a great job, even though it was a difficult move. I highly recommend Torex Moving to anyone who needs help moving.
Maryna Strokan
Maryna Strokan
Pool table 6 by 12 feet. Everything is done to perfection - a very professional job. Punctuality: The team arrived even a little earlier than the agreed time. Professionalism: the guys had all the necessary tools and knew what they were doing. Our table is not in perfect condition, after dismantling the guys themselves bought the necessary things and repaired it to set the level perfectly. Price: more than matched. We were willing to pay more for this kind of work. Customer service: pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and courtesy of the curator. Full support from the order to the end of the project. Conclusion: the guys are worth every cent spent, highly recommend.
Andrii Kovalov
Andrii Kovalov
This guys gives me the best experience, everything was done professionally, very friendly stuff, thank you so much for your professional service!
Roma Lucky
Roma Lucky
On Wednesday (Jan. 25th) we had a big move from Vaughan to Mississauga. Overall my experience with this company was very good. Due to weather conditions, the crew was just a bit late but it didn’t affect the quality of work at all! I was really impressed how strong the young boys are. We needed two big size trucks to move, it took pretty much all day because aside from moving we asked them to wrap and pack our stuff. To avoid damage the company used a bunch of different material and the guys were really careful while loading/unloading. We felt really bad since they had to work in such bad weather so we covered their lunch break and got them warm drinks. Super respectful, the work that they’ve done is worth every cent paid! Definitely recommend.
Anastasiia Kovalova
Anastasiia Kovalova
Great guys. They moved my piano. A lot of stairs. Quick and safe. I didn't realize it was possible. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Pavel Pukach
Pavel Pukach
The job was done professionally and as expected. The team arrived on time, were respectful and efficient. Great experience, recommend using Torex.
Ivan Drobot
Ivan Drobot


Not all Toronto moving companies provide single item moving services. If you need help moving only one or just a few pieces of items, you need to find a company that specializes in single item delivery.
Here are a few important things to keep in mind when looking for single item movers in Toronto, GTA, and surrounding areas:

Always ask if the moving company has a special rate for single item moves. If the company doesn’t offer single item moving services, you could be paying a higher price.
When you need help moving a single item, consider hiring professionals. Heavy furniture, appliances, and other items need a special approach. Even if a company is offering the best moving services in Toronto, it may not have a reasonable rate for moving single items.

When you are moving single items, it’s often easier to find movers on short notice. However, it’s imperative to check their rates, credentials, insurance, and experience before hiring.


At Torex, we offer affordable rates for single item moves and storage. Our friendly professional movers have been in business for over 10 years. Each team member undergoes regular extensive training to ensure excellent moving results.
We provide top-notch 24/7 customer service regardless of your location. Our moving experts use special equipment and durable packing materials to ensure moving safety and reliability. To simplify your move, you can take advantage of our affordable and quick packing services. Insurance is included.
If your small move is only a few days away, and you need help, don’t hesitate to call us. Our local single item movers are always ready to assist. With Torex, moving is always safe and easy!

Single Item Moving