Toronto Mobile Storage & Portable Storage Solutions

Whether you are moving in the nearest future or need storage for items that don’t fit in your home, mobile storage is an excellent way out. You don’t have to worry about keeping your things safe while enjoying an opportunity to repair or renovate your home. Mobile storage units can become irreplaceable in many situations.  

Why Use Mobile Storage Units in Toronto

Using mobile storage units can save you a lot of trouble during the move. You don’t have to pack all your items in the van and then unpack to place them in a storage unit. All you need is to place things you need stored in a container and have a truck take it to the storage location. Then you can do the same when you need to transfer items to a new home.

Taking advantage of mobile units is easy. All you have to do is give us a call. Our specialists are always ready to help you choose the best unit for your needs and arrange a pick up. Our portable storage rental prices are competitive. You can find a suitable solution for any budget.

Advantages of Using Mobile Storage in Toronto

Numerous benefits of using mobile storage in Toronto exist. We recommend assessing your situation and reviewing the benefits such a solution can bring you. Some of the most important advantages are:

  • Convenience – a portable storage unit is delivered straight to the location where you pack your items. You can do all the packing at the original destination at the pace most suitable for your needs. You always know how much you can pack in one unit to avoid under or overpacking.
  • Easy transportation – the portable unit arrives at your chosen destination so you can avoid packing and unpacking a truck. You don’t need a separate transportation method for your stored items.
  • Excellent security – portable storage units provide the same type of protection as their traditional counterparts do. They are locked in a secure and monitored storage area.
  • Lower costs – when you use portable units, you only pay the costs of the storage. You don’t need to rent a truck and worry about any hidden fees. This can reduce your storage expenses substantially.
  •         Flexibility – when it comes to mobile storage units, you have numerous options. You can either leave the unit on-site or transfer it to a storage facility. This is extremely useful during a move or in case your home is damaged and needs repair.

The Cost of Portable Storage Rental in Toronto

How much do portable storage containers cost in Toronto? While prices vary depending on the provider, we are always happy to offer you the most reasonable price tags. You can choose the size of the container and the duration of rent. The cost can also depend on whether you need the container moved or just want it to stay on-site.

Our specialists are always available to answer your questions about the cost. All clients can get a quote depending on their needs and preferences. We always keep your requirements and budget in mind when offering a deal.

At Torex Moving, we focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

Portable Storage Containers in Toronto: Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are taking advantage of portable containers for the first time or have experience with such rentals, these answers can help you get a clear idea about our services.

Where will the portable storage units be placed?

We can place the portable storage unit wherever you need it. The majority of our clients choose to place these containers in their backyards or in front of their homes. You need to make sure we have good access to your home or yard to place the container where you prefer.

Is it ok to move portable storage moving units without your assistance?

We can bring mobile units, place them in front of your house, and lock the wheels. If you want to move your unit, you’ll need our assistance. That’s why we kindly ask you to discuss the placement with our employees so we can put the container exactly where you need it. This way, you won’t need to move it.

Can I lock the mobile storage unit?

Yes, to keep your unit secure, you can lock it. We will give you a key to the unit’s lock. Some containers don’t have locks, so you can use your own padlock.

Can you help me load the container?

At Torex Moving, we offer packing and moving services. So if you need assistance loading the unit, we’ll be happy to do it. Just make sure to let us know about your wishes and preferences in advance so we can send the right team.

Can I use the container when moving abroad?

If you are moving out of Canada, you need to discuss your plans with our specialists. We are licensed to do international moves so we can help you bring containers abroad as well. However, all international moves need additional planning. Please contact our experts in advance.

Are there limits to what I can keep in mobile moving storage units?

We don’t allow storing hazardous, flammable, and corrosive materials in our mobile moving storage units. We also don’t allow animals or plants. For a full list of restricted items, please contact our specialists when booking our services.

Choosing TORONTO Portable Storage Moving Companies

We know that choosing a moving company with portable storage options can be time-consuming. That’s why we’ve decided to offer our clients a set of highly demanded services. At Torex Moving, we ensure a smooth and worry-free move with the option of storing your items in a mobile storage unit.  

The Best Portable Storage Containers in Toronto

At Torex, we are proud to bring you the best portable storage containers in Toronto. If you are planning a move or want to store excess items in a secure place, we are happy to offer our services. No matter how big your items are, we have excellent storage options.

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