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Perhaps you are embarking on a large-scale renovation and need to safely store household possessions. Or there is a window between when you move out of your old place into your new home. You need to store your items and may be asking, what are your options?

Using storage in Toronto can be a hassle. You have to pack up your items into a truck, unpack them into the storage unit and start this entire process again when you are ready to access your items. Whether it is short or long-term, you will want to consider whether using mobile storage units may be the solution for your storage requirements. 

How Mobile Storage Units Can Help

Using mobile storage units can save you a lot of time and trouble. At Torex Mobile Storage, we will come to drop off the mobile storage unit, load it up for you (unless you prefer to do it yourself), and pick it up to store in a safe location until you need it again. You can even store the mobile storage unit on-site if that is your preference.

Taking advantage of mobile units is easy. All you have to do is give us a call. Our friendly specialists are always ready to help you choose the best unit for your needs and arrange a pickup. Our portable storage rental prices are competitive and often work out to be cheaper than traditional storage facilities. You can find a suitable solution for any budget.

Advantages of Using Torex Toronto Mobile Storage

Safe, reliable storage in Toronto can be difficult and expensive to obtain. Torex Mobile Storage has an excellent reputation in Toronto and the GTA because we treat our clients with respect. Some of the most important advantages of using Torex are:

Convenience – a portable storage unit is delivered straight to the location of your choosing. You can do all the packing at your own pace or have our experienced professionals pack for you. Either way, we can assist you in getting the right-sized trailer for your storage needs.

Easy transportation – our mobile storage uses trailers instead of containers. So, when the portable unit arrives at your chosen destination, you can pack directly into the trailer your items will be stored in. You don’t need a separate transportation method for your stored items.

Excellent security – our portable storage units provide excellent security. Our trailers come with a lock and key, or you can use your own padlock. Once moved, the trailers are locked in a secured and monitored storage area.

Lower costs – when you use portable units, you only pay the costs of the storage. You don’t need to rent a truck and worry about any hidden fees. This can reduce your storage expenses substantially. We don’t have a minimum storage requirement; whether you need storage for a day or a year, we can accommodate your unique needs. As a bonus, if you do rent for at least a year, you receive one month of storage free!

Flexibility – when it comes to mobile storage units, you have numerous options. You can either leave the unit on-site, or we can transfer it to our storage facility. This is extremely useful during a move or in case your home is damaged and needs repair.

Experience – our fully trained, insured staff will make you their #1 priority. We have been moving people in Toronto and the GTA for 13+ years, and our reputation is outstanding. Our fleet of trucks and mobile storage trailers are ready for whatever you need, whether it is a move down the street or across the country. We are even licensed to move internationally.

Is Mobile Storage Not Enough? We Also Offer These Services:

At Torex Toronto Moving Company, we are problem solvers. Explain your concerns to our professionally trained, friendly staff, and let us be part of the solution. Some of the other helpful services we offer:

How Do I Book A  Mobile Storage Trailer?

Toronto Mobile Storage - TorexThis part is easy. Give us a call or fill in the contact card. One of our specialists will contact you quickly. Let our experience give you peace of mind.

Some things to think about before booking a mobile storage unit:

Size – our staff can help you decide on the trailer size needed.

Duration – will you need it for a day, a month, a year. We don’t have a minimum requirement but will provide whatever you need.

Location – do you want us to store your trailer in our safe, secure compound, or would you prefer storage on-site?

If you don’t have all the answers to these questions, don’t worry. Call our friendly staff, and we can help you navigate through the process. Our goal is to make your mobile storage experience as stress-free as possible.

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We had a big move and thought it would take longer, but the team at TorexMoving made everything quick and careful. They advised on the best ways to pack for transport. The staff was friendly and responsible. We were pleased with the speed and how our fragile items were preserved. Thank you for the help!
Екатерина Карпущенко
Екатерина Карпущенко
Torex came on time and packed well. They made me feel calm. I'm so thankful.
Billy Burton
Billy Burton
The team from Torex was absolutely fantastic. They were efficient, professional, and handled my items with great care. I highly recommend them for anyone needing a reliable moving service.
James Ranallo
James Ranallo
The team at Torex was fantastic. They were punctual, efficient, and incredibly careful with all of my belongings. Their customer service was top-notch and they really made my move a lot less stressful. I would highly recommend Torex Moving!
Tyler Young
Tyler Young
My move with Torex was seamless and stress-free. The team was professional, punctual, and handled my belongings with the utmost care. They truly went above and beyond.
Elsie kiping
Elsie kiping
What a fantastic experience! The team was respectful, thorough, and took great care in moving my items. Their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction were evident throughout the process.
Deanna Stevens
Deanna Stevens