Toronto Pool Table Moving Services

If you need pool table moving services in Toronto or GTA, Torex Moving is ready to offer you the best deals. We’ve been in the billiard table moving business for over 8 years and know all the ins and outs of the process. At Torex, we understand how important the safety and integrity of your pool table is. The wrong approach to transportation can damage the expensive piece of equipment.

Why Use Torex Pool Table Moving Services

Torex is one of the best moving companies in Toronto and GTA. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We know what our clients want so we try to cater to their needs and exceed their expectations every day. No matter what type of billiard table you have, we can move it in the fastest, safest and the most efficient manner. We have the right equipment to make the move as flawless as possible.

Hundreds of customers have been satisfied with our pool table moving work and many of them come back to request other services. We are always ready to offer our clients the best prices.

How To Choose A Pool Table Moving Company

A pool table is an expensive piece of sports equipment. That is why it’s vital to find the best billiards table moving services in your area. Otherwise, you may end up with repair expenses.

Read The Reviews

Take advantage of such services as Yelp to read about the company you are about to choose. Look for at least two reviews to make up your mind.

Ask About Insurance

Does the moving company have insurance? What will happen if they damage your pool table? What are they responsible for? Make sure to ask all these questions before starting the billiard table moving process.

Check The Equipment

Moving a large billiard table without proper equipment is not just hard, it’s dangerous. Jacks and dollies are an integral part of any pool table movers’ equipment set.

Count The Movers

How many movers will be coming to deal with your pool table? A large and heavy table may require up to four people to move. If the company offers just two, you risk damaging the equipment.

Ask About The Assembling/Disassembling

A pool table needs to be disassembled before the move. Does the company have pool table disassembly specialists? Most importantly, ask if the movers will assemble the table when they get it to the new location.

Why Do You Need Special Billiard Table Moving Services

Trusting an expensive piece of sports equipment to the regular movers may end in a disaster. Moving a pool table is a delicate job, which requires special skills and equipment. If your favorite moving company doesn’t specify having pool table moving services, look for another one.

In many cases, pool table moving companies will offer other moving services. But before booking one, make sure they have what it takes to relocate your pool table safely.

Torex Moving is one of the best pool table moving companies in Toronto and GTA. Give us a call and get a free quote today!

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